Accutrax SharpDraw Pencil

The Accutrax SharpDraw pencil takes the tried and true carpenters pencil design but gives it a much more accurate and very clever twist.  Imagine never needing to sharpen your pencil again all while maintaining a razor sharp .033” wide line.  That is exactly what the new SharpDraw Pencil delivers!


You use this pencil like you normally would, but when you would normally go sharpen the pencil, instead you just slide more lead out, just like a razor knife! In fact, the replacement carbon fiber lead packs fit most 9mm utility knifes on the market.  This carbon fiber lead is 20 times stronger that normal lead and canlast up to 4-6 months of continuous use!  You get consistently sharp lines time after time.  Plus the pencil has a real wood grip and spring steel pocket clip for easy storage.

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