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A new DIY or TV star laced home show seems to be popping up everyday.  We are streamed episode after episode of  full kitchen remodels supposedly being done for less than one might spend on a used family car.  We start getting envious of those that make a fantastic living flipping houses.  They seem to find an endless supply of ugly duckling homes in the perfect neighborhoods they buy for $75,000, put $15,000 into, and sell it for $150,000, with bidding wars.  Or add a zero to that number and it’s the same idea.  So is all of this realistic and does it provide a service or disservice to the millions of current and hopeful homeowners?

This site is for you.  Real people, with real homes and a real need to find information.  It’s My Home Journal.

my \ ˈmī \ – of or relating to me or myself especially as possessor, agent, object of an action, or familiar person

home \ ˈhōm  \one’s place of residence

jour·nal | \ ˈjər-nᵊl  \a periodical dealing especially with matters of current interest.

Buy. Build. Improve

Everything is online right?  When you are buying, building or undertaking a small or large home improvement project, wouldn’t it be nice to have a down to earth source that you can go to for helpful information and products?  That was the idea behind this new online tool.  We will offer helpful real estate information from a variety of sources.  A wide variety and range of building products will be curated, so that you can make sure you are keeping up with what is new and exciting.  We will go into the workshop and look at new tools and tricks.  Outside will be advice and sources for everything from composting to who knows what else.

Help Us Improve

As we continue to add content, please feel free to let us know if there is anything in particular you would like us to find out about, feature or review.

Our Goal & Commitment

My Home Journal strives to be your top resource in the home and garden sector.  We are constantly looking for new and innovative products, as well as tips and tricks to make your home life better.  And we strive to be a streamlined funnel for current real estate news our readers care about.

We aim to deliver all of this information in digestible format peppered with commentary, wit, and a deep understanding of the subject matter.  It isn’t enough to just inform; our posts strive to be interesting, entertaining and complemented with compelling, high-quality media.  And at times our wit may be ours only.  Sorry for that.

My Home Journal uses industry-standard Adsense ads, and offers sponsored posts to companies interested in reaching our readership through long-form articles rather than banners.  Sponsored posts are always clearly marked as such, represent the views of their sponsors, and improve the site experience for readers by allowing us to remove some traditional banner ads.


My Home Journal reviewers are never paid for reviews, but we often receive free temporary or permanent review units and complementary instruction on usage.  We only run reviews of items that we deem interesting to our audience and worth looking at.  This is the reason you don’t often see poor reviews on My Home Journal.  If we review something we don’t like or find interesting, we usually won’t post it.  We don’t want to waste your time.

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My Home Journal is a curated home and garden news and review site.  We strive to be a resource for new products, features and ideas for anyone looking to buy, build or improve their home.

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