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Spotlight: Sparrow Woodworking

Hidden way in Conway, SC is small, family owned custom furniture business.  Sparrow Woodworking was born from a passion of creating beautiful and unique pieces.

“You understand if you’ve stared in awe at the growth rings and knots in a piece of hundred-year-old oak, or felt a little tickle in your chest at the marvel of black walnut burl.” – Jerimiah Pensinger, Craftsman

They’ve been building custom, heirloom-quality home-goods for nearly a decade.  The range of pieces include dining tables, picture frames, benches, fireplace mantles, range hood-covers, sliding barn doors, desks, beds, and dozens of other household furnishings.

The art of fine furniture is accomplished using a blend of reclaimed and sustainable woods along side modern, cutting-edge equipment (pun intended).  The Pensinger family goal is for their family to provide your family handmade home-goods that are each uniquely beautiful and more suited to your tastes than anything you could buy at a retail store.








Jerimiah loves building with new and reclaimed wood. From salvaging old tobacco barns to dumpster diving for pallets, he’s found that giving wood a second chance can oftentimes lead to the most beautiful projects. He’s lucky to have found a profession he never gets tired of. Now, if only he had time to make himself a dining table for his own home…




Beth loves the random side of Sparrow Wood Company. From super-hero capes to ewoks and record bowls, Beth brings the crafty side to the team. She’s the inspiration for the Texere fabric lined speakers and often Jerimiah’s sounding board.

Ava Hammer.JPG


Jerimiah and Beth’s best creation, Ava loves hammering nails into wood, gluing random pieces of wood together, drilling screws into wood, and even painting the odd piece of furniture. Jerimiah loves nothing more than having her in the shop with him.

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