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Level Lock – The Invisible Smart Lock

Level Home Inc. unveiled the Level Lock, the world’s first invisible smart lock.  The Level Lock transforms any standard deadbolt into a modern day smart lock in just minutes, allowing consumers to preserve the heritage and design of their homes while still experiencing the conveniences of a smart lock.


The Level Lock is designed to fit seamlessly inside your deadbolt, so you can preserve the existing look of your home. Level Lock lets you easily share access to family and friends, or service providers at the touch of a button. With Apple HomeKit you can easily operate Level Lock via Siri, add automations such as locking the door when the last person leaves, or receive real-time entry and exit notifications. 


“With every product we create, we start at square zero so we can strike the perfect balance between today’s cutting edge technology and the practicality of our everyday living experience,” – John Martin, co-founder and CEO, Level Home

A first of its kind, the Level Lock, Bolt Edition gives people the benefits of a smart lock without changing their home’s design or replacing their existing keys. It offers:

● INVISIBLE DESIGN – With Level Lock, nothing looks different, yet everything’s changed. Level Lock Installs inside your door, making your existing lock smart without asking you to change the look of your lock or to stop using your existing keys.

● WELCOME FRIENDS AND FAMILY – Open your home to friends and family by sending invites via the Level App. Guests can use their phone as a key to access your home and you’ll get notifications letting you know they’ve arrived.

● SECURE – The Level Lock was designed to exceed the highest residential security rating (ANSI GRADE 1/A) and encrypted with the most robust security protocols available. Crafted from high quality materials and painstakingly tested for durability and reliability.

● HOMEKIT ENABLED – With Apple Homekit you can use Siri to operate your Level Lock and receive real-time updates of who comes and goes when. In addition, Level Lock uses automation to enable geofencing based entry and exit, keeping your home always secure.

● KEYLESS ENTRY – In addition to opening with traditional keys, the lock connects to the Level App via Bluetooth to allow people to use their phone as their key.

● SETUP IS SIMPLE – For most homes, installation takes minutes using just a screwdriver. Or we will do it for you via our trusted partner HelloTech to install and set up your lock in one visit.

● POWER AND EFFICIENCY – The Level Lock uses a patent-pending, six stage, stainless steel gear box that’s both powerful enough for the toughest conditions, and efficient enough to deliver over a year’s worth of battery life from a single CR2.

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