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Historically Accurate Shutters in Rittenhouse Square

Courtesy of Timberlane Shutters.

Homeowners David and Dorothy understand the importance of historically accurate details while undergoing extensive updates to their 1865 home nestled in one of Philadelphia’s most historic districts.

Over the past few years, David and Dorothy have been focusing on restoring the interior on their home but thought now was the perfect time to show their home’s facade some love. They agreed that the only way they saw fit to truly elevate their home’s exterior was with historically accurate shutters.

“We did have shutters on the house at one point,” Dorothy says. “They were in really horrific shape. Magically one day the demo guys thought they were trash and took them away, so that was my opportunity to do something new.”

Throughout the project, Dorothy was adamant about having historically accurate shutters. After confirming with the Historic Commission and speaking with John Toates of John Toates Architecture and Design, all were in agreement that panel shutters were the optimal choice for this historic home.

Once the shutters were delivered and the installation was complete, they were both immediately filled with joy. “When I saw them I actually was amazed because I didn’t think it would transform the house as much as it did,” David says when seeing shutters installed on their home for the first time.

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