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Baywood Real Wood Mosaics

Architectural Ceramics is now offering their Baywood Collection.  Baywood is a very special collection of real wood mosaics.  This super cool product is offered in a variety of shapes and textures to fit just about anyones whim. 
Baywood real wood mosaics are the classic, yet modern choice whether you are creating an accent wall in your family room or designing a restaurant.  Through the environmentally-friendly process of thermal modification – Baywood tiles are more durable, have an increased resistance to insects, absorb less moisture, are much lighter, and have a naturally deep tone.
Surfaces for installation should be smooth and dry. Tiles can be applied to sheetrock, plywood, OSB or masonry surfaces.
Scroll to end and take a look as David Benson, President of Architectural Ceramics, gives a first hand look at some of the color options and specifics of the Baywood Collection. Check out even more detail and how to order at Architectural Ceramics.  Please make sure to mention you found it on My Home Journal.

Check out even more detail and how to order at Architectural Ceramics.

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