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SnapPower SwitchLight

Never again come home in the dark.  The SnapPower Switchlight can illuminate any room.  Bedrooms, bathrooms. kitchens, entryways and much more.  Even that dark room you hate goin into because you know the boogie man or worse is waiting there for you!  The SwitchLight is always visible, easily accessible and right where you want and need it.  Let there be light, before you turn on the light.

SnapPower, the brainchild behind this and other safety driven cover plat accessories claims they only draws 10 cents of energy… the entire YEAR!

The instructions could not be easier:

  1. Turn the power off to the light and remove the cover plate.
  2. Insert the SnapPower SwitchLight cover in place of the original.
  3. Secure the screw, turn the power back on and boom!  You got light.

Click on over to SnapPower for more options and how to order.

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