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Fog Free Original ClearMirror

How do you clear fog from your bathroom mirror?  A quick search finds a variety of methods.  But since most of us are lazy by nature, we end up just using a towel or maybe the hairdryer.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could get that hot shower on a cold morning and still see yourself in the mirror?  Now you can.

Luxury hotels across the globe have known about this trick for years.  And they could afford it.  Having a heated mat behind your mirror will keep that area clear of fog.  The Original ClearMirror fills this need.



ClearMirror Vanity Mirror Heaters Original ClearMirror is a heated (120 volts) mirror defogger (heating pad) that is installed to the back of any vanity mirror. Powered by the bathroom light switch, the mirror defogger heats your mirror keeping it fogless following your shower.  Are you tired of those temporary solutions? Design modern function, style, and add a clear touch of daily luxury to your next bathroom project!




We didn’t invent this one, but we were one of the first to offer it to people like you….the Original ClearMirror is an electrically heated (120-volts), mirror defogger (heating pad) that can be installed directionally preferred to the back of any vanity mirror (not for use in shower). Available in four standard sizes 12″x12″, 14″x14″, 20″x20″, and 20″x30″. – ClearMirror

  • Purchased sized heating pad, 110/120 volts : 12″x12″ (25 watts), 14″x14″ (35 watts), 20″x20″ (65 watts), 20″x30″ (102 watts)
  • Product thickness: 0.3mm.
  • Maximum Watt Density: 1.25 Watts/square inch.
  • Self regulating (PTC) technology.
  • Uniform heat distribution and superior heat transfer.
  • 24″ 18 gauge wire leads located center, top of the heater.
  • UL listed. Elements pass extensive UL testing for safety and reliability.
  • Made in the USA and covered by a 5-year warranty.
  • Peel and stick application.

For use behind vanity mirrors. 
Not for use in showers or steam rooms. 
Use the Shower ClearMirror or the NEW Clarity Wall-Mount Shower ClearMirror for those applications.


For more information and to place an order visit their website at ClearMirror.


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